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ADCC Divisions 9/24- 9/25

ADCC Divisions 9/24- 9/25

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1. Rafael Mendes. Brazil
2. Greger Forsel. Finland
3. Marko Ramos. USA
4. David Marinakis. Australia
5. Tetsu Hadairo. Japan
6. Jeff Glover. USA
7. Bruno Frazzato. Brazil
8. Timo-Juhani Hirvikangas. Finland
9. Ryan Hall. USA
10. Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles. Brazil
11. Tom Barlow. U.K
12. Barret Yoshida. USA
13. Rani Yahya. Brazil
14. Robson Moura. Brazil
15. Justin Rader. USA
16. Jeremy Umphries. USA

1. Daniel Strauss. U.K
2. Jorge Britto. Portugal
3. Vagner Rocha. USA
4. Davis Hart. Australia
5. Sanshiro Nakakura. Japan
6. Enricco Coco. USA
7. Murilo Santana. Brazil
8. Victor Estima. Brazil
9. Leo Viera. Brazil
10. Jason Manly. USA
11. Marcello Garcia. Brazil
12. Kron Gracie. Brazil
13. JT Torres. USA
14. Augusto Mendes. Brazil
15. Claudio Calasans. Brazil
16. Clark Gracie. Brazil

1. Andre Galvao. Brazil
2. Marko Helen. Finland
3. Kyle Griffin. USA
4. Cameron Rowe. Australia
5. Jeon Doo Kwang. Korea
6. David Avellan. USA
7. Rafael Lovato. USA
8. Zbigniew Tyszka. Poland
9. Pablo Popovitch. USA
10. Dan Schon. Mexico
11. Rousimar Palhares. Brazil
12. Romulo Barral. Brazil
13. Sergio Moraes. Brazil
14. Paulo Filho. Brazil
15. James Harbison. USA
16. Gunnar ‘viking’ Nelson. Iceland ‎

1. Xande Ribeiro. Brazil
2. Kari Peltola. Finland
3. Joseph Lee Baize. USA
4. Igor Praporshchikov. Australia
5. Animal Anzai. Japan
6. James Poupolo. USA
7. Augusto Ferrari. Brazil
8. Kamil Uminski. Poland
9. Roger Gracie. Brazil
10. Rudolfo Viera. Brazil
11. Dean Lister. USA
12. Robert Drysdale. USA
13. Joao Assis. Brazil
14. Radek Turek. Poland
15. Antonio Peinado. Brazil
16. James Brasco. USA

1. Fabricio Werdum. Brazil
2. Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen. Finland
3. Jarrod Bunch. USA
4. Mick Wilson. Australia
5. Sekine Hideki. Japan
6. Alexander Trans. Denmark
7. Gabriel Vella. Brazil
8. Mateusz Juskowiak. Poland
9. Jeff Monson. USA
10. Roberto de Abreu. Brazil
11. Bruno Bastos. Brazil
12. Vinny Magalhaes. Brazil
13. Jose Fereira Junior. Brazil
14. Gerardi Rinaldi. USA
15. Lucio Rodrigues. Brazil
16. Rodrigo Artilheiro. Brazil


1. Luanna Alzuguir. Brazil
2. Lara Jayne Ng. Australia
3. Hashi Takayo. Japan
4. Cathilee Albert. USA
5. Michele Nicolin. Brazil
6. Sara Svensson. Sweden
7. Kyra Gracie. Brazil
8. Rosi Sexton. U.K

1. Hannette Staack. Brazil
2. Fiona Muxlow. Australia
3. Penny Thomas. South Africa
4. Talita Nogueira. Brazil
5. Devi Ahuja. Norway
6. Gabrielle Garcia. Brazil
7. Ida Hansson Sweden

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The first grappler of the week on BestofBJJ.com is:


 Romulo “Rominho” Barral

Romulo Barral is one of the top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters in the “Meio Pesado” weight division. This BJJ Black Belt from the Gracie Barra- Belo Horizonte camp is a World Champion and a 2x Silver Medallist in the open weight division

Romulo Barral in Detail Nickname: The suffix “inho” in Portuguese is usually used as a gentle and warm way of saying someone’s name. It can also mean “little (… the person’s name)”, Rominho means Little Romulo

Main Achievements (BJJ/Grappling): Weight Category: Meio Pesado (88kg-194lbs)

  • 2x Black Belt World Champion (2009, 2007)
  • 2x Pan American Champion (2007 Weight and Absolute divisions)
  • 3x Silver Medallist at Open Weight Division (2010, 2009, 2007) World Nogi Champion (2009)
  • Bronze World Medallist (2006)

Favourite Position/Technique: Spider Guard and Triangle

Team/Association: Gracie-Barra Belo Horizonte/ Gracie Barra Northridge

Romulo was born on the 5th of April 1985 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Like eve

ry youngster he loved Martial Arts movies, so much that he enlisted in a Tae Kwon Do academy when he was 8 years old and continued his studies of the Korean Martial Art, achieving a Black Belt. he eventually stopped training when he was 19.

“Rominho” started training Jiu Jitsu when he was 15 at the Gracie Barra BH, his first coach there was Cristiano “Titi” Lazarinni and Vinicius Magalhaes also known as “Draculino”.

Mr Barral’s true intentions behind enrolling in Jiu Jitsu were to learn enough to start fighting Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), a wish that came through in 2004 when he was invited to fight at the “Arena BH”, a successful debut won by “Mata Leão” (RNC).

A strong believer in the benefits of the gi game (Kimono) for Submission Wrestling and MMA, he never stopped training with the Gi, even when preparing for these sort of events, and on the second semester of 2005 he was awarded his jiu jitsu black belt by the Gracie Barra legend, Vinicius “Draculino”.

His Jiu Jitsu prowess has awarded him numerous victories at a World and Continental stage, victories that didn’t pass unnoticed by many MMA aces who invited Romulo do be their BJJ coach, fighters like Dan Henderson, King Mo, Jason “Mayhem” Miller among others have had the privilege to train and be taught in the gentle art by Romulo.

We wish him best of luck in the ADCC next week..Here is a video of him getting ready for it

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