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Dana White: Roger Gracie is NOT Signed With The UFC

source: The Underground It was being reported that Strikeforce light heavyweight and BJJ Superstar Roger Gracie had signed a deal to come to the UFC.

Nick Diaz Was Surprised He Tested Positive

source: Days after the announcement that Nick Diaztested positive for marijuana and will be disciplined by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Diaz’s manager

February 14, 2012 MMA, slider

Braulio: ‘I’m prioritizing MMA this year’

source: One of the main names of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Braulio Estima is close of launching his MMA career. Some months ago, the BJJ

Roger Gracie Signs With The UFC

Sources on twitter including graciemag confirmed the news, but no other information has been released at this time. Very surprising news if it’s true. We

Fighters React to Diaz’s Positive Test

source: @TimKennedyMMA: Nick Diaz was the aggressor of the fight while he was high as a kite is a testament to how

February 10, 2012 MMA, slider

Tito vs. Griffin III, Mir vs. Velasquez Confirmed

source: The Underground A great champion is made by a great rivalry. No Joe Frazier no Muhammad Ali, no Sugar Ray Robinson no Jake

February 10, 2012 MMA, slider

Nick Diaz Tests Positive For Marijuana At UFC 143

source: The Nevada Athletic Commission has confirmed that Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana at UFC 143 and will face disciplinary action, almost

February 09, 2012 MMA, slider

Nevada State Athletic Commission Confirms One Positive Drug Test At UFC 143

source: The Nevada State Athletic Commission has confirmed that someone tested positive for a banned substance in drug testing at UFC 143. What

February 09, 2012 MMA, slider
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