2012 World Champion and brown belt phenom, Felipe Pena recently talked about what lessons he had learned from training and living with Romulo Barral every year during the Barral Camp. Check out what he had to say below:

I always do the Romulo Barral camp before the worlds. Last year and this year I went to the Barral school before the Pan Ams and stayed until the Worlds. Romulo is way more than a coach, professor or friend to me. He has turned into a brother for me. He teaches me that there is no secret to be a champion, you just need to believe, have dedication, train hard and the results will come sooner or later. I am very thankful for him for everything he teaches me and did for me. Training with him is not fun at all. rsrssrsrsr

Great words by the champ, Felipe Pena. We wish him the best of luck at the Copa Podio in his superfight against Leandro Lo.