This week’s Brand Insight, Edition 4, features Jesse MG & Krisstopher Michael from Moya Brand

Where did the idea of starting Moya Brand come from? What is the meaning behind the name, the logo? 

Co Owners:
Jesse MG (Los Angeles Native)
Krisstopher Michael (Guam Native)

MOYA is an acronym for:

MASTER & Overcome Your Abilities. Action Sports has always been a part of our lives and being exposed to various Action Sports including Skate, Surf, BMX Biking and Martial Arts more specifically MMA as a whole and Jiu Jitsu (Gi and No Gi). myself, growing up in So Cal and my partner growing up in Guam were heavily influenced by the Action Sports Lifestyle. Which leads us to our main logo.

Our main logo is actually a stylized lettered “M.” The thought and idea behind the M is that we really wanted a logo that can mesh as one in the Action Sports World. If our logo was placed on a tee shirt, anyone can wear it, cause it looks and has its influence of all the Action Sports Categories. In short, the logo can be anything and it looks cool!

What is the conception behind Moya Brand? 

The conception behind MOYA Brand is really to bring a level and style of art work that has NOT been seen in the Jiu Jitsu Sport World. Something fresh, from the design of our gis, to all the small labels on each and every gi, there all different and have their own unique style. Also, our entire line from gis to tees have been able to complete the cross over, into the surf and skate world. Pro Surfers such as Dustin Barca and Makua Rothman actively wear our gis to train, and our rashguards to surf.

We also sponsor young surfers who are making a huge name for themselves including Dylan Lehman and Malik Hurdman both from Maui. These kids are sponsored by huge surf brands including Moskova and Dakine (just to name a few).

Cross over appeal/Lifestyle brand = MOYA Brand

Is Moya Brand your full-time job?


How hard is it to train jiu jitsu on the daily basis, and run a business at the same time?

Jesse MG actively trains Jiu Jitsu and is a purple belt under World Champion Lucas Leite (CheckMat Black Belt under Leonardo Vieira).

Krisstopher Michael has been training for years and prefers no gi.

Its very challenging running a business, training and tending to personal family life. However, training Jiu Jitsu is part of our life and is something very therapeutic to our souls.

How long did it take to get Moya Brand going and establish it? 

It did not take very long for us to get going. Jesse MG and Krisstopher Michael have been involved with other major brands in the past therefore we had a very good understanding of our direction with the brand, that’s not say that we have not experienced any difficulty coming up and we are still coming up.

Who is behind the brand besides yourself? 

Jesse MG & Krisstopher Michael are behind the brand along with many of our partners (distributors) and the entire MOYA Fam Team! Its a family thing!

What is your favorite product of your brand, Moya Brand? 

Everything! If we wouldn’t wear it ourselves we don’t make it!

What is next for your brand? What can we expect? 

Expect some solid design work as usual, and some solid new gis in 2013! We recently just established MOYA Brand Guam. MOYA Brand Guam is a division of MOYA Brand. All Moya Brand Guam products are created and manufactured to the same high quality standards as MOYA Brand. MOYA Brand Guam is operated separately with the approval and full support of MOYA Brand. All MOYA Brand Guam products are manufactured, designed and created by MOYA Brand and distributed by MOYA Brand Guam.

Instagram: moyabrand
Twitter: @MoyaBrand