Leandro Lo recently had an interview with Graciemag.com and had some interesting thoughts. He plans to move to middleweight next year and wants to fight the biggest names at the IBJJ Pro League like Rafael Mendes, Cobrinha, and Bruno Frazatto. His full response below:

“On December 8 there’s the IBJJ Pro in Long Beach, and that’s going to be a really cool championship. Only the top ranked in the IBJJF standings will get to compete, and there will be fewer weight divisions, so the lightweights and featherweights will compete against each other. That will be a challenge but also a pleasure, since there are some really tough guys at featherweight who I’d like to fight, like Rubens Cobrinha, Bruno Frazatto and Rafael Mendes, who is a really good and strategic fighter. I really want to compete against those guys.”

Who wants to see these super matches? We know we do!